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Nature Lover

My name Aimée. I study circus flow arts and philosophy ethics. I am in an unconditionally loving relationship with the earth and her divine creations. I believe we are sent here as protectors of pachamama as one consciousness incarnated into multiple different forms vibrating at different frequencies. I practice green Wicca which is working with the elements for they’re natural energies to produce a needed effect. One of my biggest struggles has been an eating disorder that I’ve overcome and now eat completely vegetarian and 3 healthy meals a day, self love is the key to pure happiness.

My goal in life is to buy a plot of land and start a conscious community of people living self sustainably of the land in a place of unconditional love, peace and respect and to awaken women and men into the pure magic and divinity we hold inside of us and how powerful it can be when we recognize it and utilize it, I also wish to one day offer plant medicine healing ceremonies at the community as the society we live in is very corrupt and effects a lot of people's mental health very negatively as we are constantly surrounded by unnatural lower vibrations. I believe if we can learn to love ourselves we can start to love the world around us because when things change internally they do externally as our consciousness creates our 3 dimensional reality.

My main income is from only fans which I find empowering as I believe nudity is divinity and a beautiful form of art. Onlyfans is a great platform as you work for yourself, in the comforts of your own home, only doing what your comfortable with and the moneys coming straight to you and not some perv behind the camera like the majority of the content on pornhub is, you also have to be 18+ to view it or have an account. Pornhub is a very dark energy that the government should make entirely illegal as most of the girls on there are underaged and have been sex trafficked and this is something that needs to be brought into light as ignorance is no longer bliss in the age of information,

Love and light 💚

You can connect with me on Onlyfans or on my Instagram.

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