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Naked yoga practitioner and contortionist

Being a mix of Spanish and Filipina, Amor always felt different in the way she looked. Growing up in the Philippines, looking different from the other kids was not easy and she was often targeted for her different looks and different ways. 

At a very early age, Amor discovered Yoga and found relief in practicing.

Later in her life she learnt about nude yoga from her grand father who was a practicing yogi. After getting initiated into the practice, Amor realized the benefits of Nude yoga and its cultural importance. She was also shocked to learn how stigmatized people were with the concept of nude yoga.

Since then, she made it her mission to normalize nude yoga and spread the word of love in the world.

She has found a supporting community of nude yoga practitioners and she also regularly shares her experiences with people who are new to the practice.

If you are curious about nude yoga, connect with her on her Instagram here.

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