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Anna Loots

In her own words

I remember the liberated feeling and feeling so Deliciously Joyful. I was 4 and I was running down the dunes, kicking off my shoes… and throwing off my clothes as I sprinted to the sea. God I felt so ALIVE … once in the water …I'd lie down and feel the sensation the water gave me, then when I was cold enough… I would run back to the soft sand … and wiggle around till all of my little body was covered in the beautiful soft white sand and warm again… And then I'd do the same thing all over again. Until I was too content, satisfied .. or I needed a food or water break. 


Fast forward 32 years, I’m 36 now, and I have FINALLY found the Adult Women’s version of this feeling and way of being/living.. 32 years of hard work, getting it wrong… reconnecting … learning about how to look after the body, how to train it and the same for the mind… through lots of studies, research and lessons as a professional dancer and strength athlete. I've had 2 sort of burn-outs as a result of being utterly destroyed by life happenings and building myself back up again,.. to be a woman you see LIVE on Instagram.. skinny dipping. 


How to create the life you dream of by training your mind and taking care of your body.


BODY - I have a beautiful online programme that teaches people how to fix their own bodies and coach them along side the program. To learn more about this, how I work and why it works I have a short video on my website 


MIND -I do the same for training people’s mind, with a beautiful online program and coaching along side of it over 6 week, starting in Nov again… this information can be found on 

You can also connect with me on Instagram here.

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