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Ashanti Garcia

Nude Yoga teacher

My name is Ashanti Garcia and I am a Naked Yoga Teacher with The Body Path (based in Canada). I am also a Nude Content Creator on Patreon (Airbender's Art Gallery+). I was born, raised and still reside in Belize, located in Central America. I love practicing yoga, dancing, traveling, and engaging in conscious conversations with others live online and in-person.  


I believe that everyone is born to do what they love, because we each have at least one God-given talent. I have struggled with accepting and loving myself in the past, even as a child. I thought I was ugly. However, I started to learn to appreciate myself in my teens, especially once I started doing photoshoots. Photos revealed a beauty I never saw within myself prior. Yoga truly assisted me in deepening my self-love, particularly naked yoga. 


I am happy to be Belize's 1st and only Naked Yoga Teacher serving the world through live-online classes. I have clients who reside in the United States, Australia, Canada, and have served clients from the UK, Honduras and even Iraq. I am also proud to be the 1st nude content creator on Patreon in my country. My aim through my work is to de-stigmatize nudity in my country so that it is seen as natural and accepting. I know it may take hundreds of years, but this is a start. 


My message to the world is: "Be yourself. Do what you love and the right people will gravitate towards you!" 


My patreon link is: Airbender's Art Gallery+ is creating nude art photos, videos and empowering naked yoga experiences | Patreon


My Instagram is: ashantiairbender3


Twitter: Airbender's Art Gallery 

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