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Condense Milk

Entrepreneur, living life to the fullest

My nickname is Condense Milk ,I am sweet in every sense of the word. I am a hard-working entrepreneur, I love to travel, I love to be free, I love to explore the human body. I think it’s a work of art. I’ll try anything once, I’m very adventurous and I think there’s always room for growth. I was born in Belize city and I live in New York City. I’m the mother of six beautiful young ladies. I’ve lived through two lifetime and life has been good to me. I would consider myself a sex goddess❤️I love men and women. I also love seeing Strong independent beautiful women owning their body, owning there life and not making any excuses for who they are and how they look based on society's norms.

You can connect with me on my Instagram to know more about me.

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