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Cyndy Jocson

Bartender & Model

Cyndy grew up in Philippines and always dreamt of being a model. Her childhood was spent playing on the beaches and in the rice fields. Her bronze tan did not sit very well with her neighbors and family members though and she was often referred to as a 'Negro' of the family. Unable to understand the inference, Cyndy always wondered why she was different from others around her. Her dark skin tone was always a subject of ridicule and growing up she could not understand why. After completing her studies, she moved to Singapore as a bartender and was surprised that her new colleagues in a different country also referred to her skin tone in a derogatory way. In addition to the insults related to her skin color, Cyndy was also teased about her small breasts and was referred to as 'flat chested'. Realizing the dual standards of the society, Cyndy was more determined to show the world that she can make it into the modelling world without any breast augmentation or treatment. Thanks to the support she received from some people, she did make it and has now been part of several successful shoots.

Her message to the world is simple: Love yourself and the way you are because no matter how perfect you are, the world is never pleased.

To know more about Cyndy, follow her on her Instagram here.

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