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Giggles & Wiggles Art

Erotic content creator

I grew up in the Bay Area of California and moved to Colorado. I feel so connected to both the ocean and the mountains! Fun fact about me, I was raised in a cult-esque religion called Christian Science. It has helped me look deeper into my trauma and heal so much! Regardless of this fact, I had a loving childhood, and more and more it helps me know what I want and don’t want to do as a parent myself.

My greatest downfall has been codependency. I believe girls and young women are subliminally raised to crave ‘usefulness’ above self-love and awareness. I fell into this quickly and found myself in a long line of toxic codependent relationships. They kept me so busy that it was only in the last couple years that I’ve deeply confronted and muddled through the heaviness of my conditioning!

I had a child- and that really wakes you up to your own self-treatment. I started to worry heavily about what she was learning from the way I allowed myself to be treated by myself and others. She motivated me to leave an unhealthy relationship and put myself and her above anyone else.

My biggest achievement has been to be able to say NO!! To people, to things, to mean self-talk. To anxious thoughts, to bad habits and patterns. Those will always be my proudest and strongest moments after believing, for so long that I could never stand up for myself and my needs.

The most important people in my life are my daughter, who has shown me I’m stronger than I ever realized. Children are the closest to the source. They are uninhibited, fearless, and able to listen clearer than we ever will as adults. And my husband who somehow miraculously appeared in my life and showed me how I should always desire and expect to be treated by others.

One life lesson I would like to give to the world…. That being able to be alone is crucial. It is liberating, it is necessary. AND on a different side of the same coin: once you are truly able to be alone, and so okay with yourself, there is no limit on your capacity for love. Multiple relationships are healthy, ethical, and come naturally to those who can really sit contentedly in their own presence.

I have wanted to do some level of sex work for a long time, and I love the idea of interacting with other sexual beings like myself. With Only Fans I am able to kind of weed out the people who don’t view my sexual/sensual liberation as having real value. It’s only 5 bucks but shows me who really does want to support my sexual journey.

When I was a young adult and first discovered sexual pleasure and sensuality, I knew I wanted to be able to satisfy myself fully regardless of whether or not I had a partner. I’ve perfected my own orgasm and it’s something I love sharing with others.

When I make content it is all authentic, I am fully present and give myself real orgasms.

If I am not in the mood to cum ( rare lol) I will NOT. I refuse to put anything fake on there. It is also a part of my personal moral compass to avoid the use of beauty filters in my photos. I also don’t shave my legs or armpits however keep my vulva bare out of my own personal preference :)

You can connect with me on Instagram here.

And subscribe to my Onlyfans for exclusive content here.

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