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A Conversation with Kati Cutshall

Content coach

Kati is a gorgeous content coach from DC, USA living in Panama and The Liberated soul magazine had the pleasure to talk to her recently. 

Q. Tell us a little about you. Where you come from? Your childhood, what do you do?

K: I'm from the DC area in the United States. I grew up in a pretty rural area, and started traveling as soon as I could earn my own money at 18. I have lived in Italy and France, as well as Palestine and the U.A.E. I've worked in the Airline industry, been a TEFL teacher, a Realtor, and now work in Marketing. I am a content coach for Realtors and have a content creation business managing social media accounts for Real Estate Agents.


Q: What have your challenges been in life?  

K: My biggest challenge has been my own mentality. For 33 years, I lived according to fear and was a leaf-in-the-wind, never holding myself accountable for my position in life. I have money mindset issues and have struggled with intense self-hatred and criticism.

Q: How did you overcome these challenges?

K: I reached a pain point in 2020 during lockdown where my anxiety and dissatisfaction with life reached a critical mass. I began a transformative journey with my mindset. Identifying fears and limiting beliefs, creating new thought patterns and habits, and creating a life of authenticity. I implemented a personal routine over time to hone and improve my mental, physical and spiritual health. I practice humility, accountability, and radical authenticity.


Q: What are your proudest moments?

K: Pregnancy and childbirth 1000%! I grew up with an intense fear of childbirth due to societal brainwash about pain. I never even wanted children until mid-2020 because of it. I became pregnant unexpectedly and chose to experience a "wild pregnancy" and "freebirth" - which basically means I did not get involved with any medical or birth "authorities" the whole time. I prepared myself mentally and despite being a wuss with pain, experienced a completely pain-free birth, at home with my partner and best friend and a beautiful time in post-partum. The human body and mind are amazing. The female body is capable of the most incredible things!


Q: Who are the important people in life?

K: My partner and my daughter are my life. Our daughter is nearly 8 months old and she is my reason and passion for everything I do.


Q: What is one life lesson you would like to give to the world?

K: YOU are the in control of how you experience life. You may not be able to control every event, but you CAN control how you react to and perceive it. Life to me is about perpetually up leveling and optimizing aspects of your personal experience.

Connect with Kati:

IG account: @Prism.Seed


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