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Airforce veteran and Graphic design Artist

I’m Kevin - creator of the KevinlyArt. I’m an Air Force Veteran and graphic designer with over 15 years in the creative arts. Thanks to an iPad and Procreate, I’m on a mission to use my art and design skills to make some of the most unique explicit and erotic art you’ve ever seen!


To be honest, I got my start in design while working for an adult video company in Las Vegas. While that experience taught me a lot of new skills, it also revealed the shady and unhealthy nature of the adult industry. These revelations brought me a new perspective about sex, desire, pleasure and body positivity. 


While locked away in my bedroom during a COVID-19 infection, I decided to sketch my thoughts. Thoughts that often wandered to the erotic. But I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes I saw with that adult company I had worked for. And I wanted to draw things that my friends could relate to and that I could be proud of. 


While searching for inspiration on social media, it didn’t take long for me to find dozens of fantastic sex and body positive artists that were creating beautiful masterpieces that people all over the world were connecting with and learning love themselves better through. 


I’ve been posting my own artwork on Instagram for the past two years. Despite the constant threat of being removed for somehow violating their terms, I’ve been able to expand my talents, make some great friends, and share in the positivity that comes from being a digital erotic artist. I love bodies - all of them! Through my art, with the help of some incredible muses and models, I get to celebrate the magic of the human body and people’s desires ALL OVER THE WORLD!


Though this is just a part-time hobby for me at the moment, I hope to be able to inspire other artists and supporters of erotic art for years to come. 

Connect with me on Instagram @kevinlyart

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