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A Conversation with Leks

Mental health coach

Leks is a gorgeous mental health coach from Panama and The Liberated soul magazine had the pleasure to talk to her recently. 

Q: Tell us a little about you. Where do you come from? Your childhood, what do you do?

L: I’m originally from Eastern Europe, Serbia, where I was born and raised, till the age of 17.


Q: What have your challenges been in life?

L: When I was 16 I got hit by a car and since that day my life was never the same again. A chain of events happened since that day…. I was at the hospital for 33 days, I had to go to a different city for rehab of my leg, the day I got out, bombing started in Serbia, I went to Venezuela with my mom and I finally moved to the US when I was 17. 

Q: How did you overcome these challenges?

L: At that time, it was survival. I was feeling angry for a long time. I joined a boxing and kickboxing team and started training with fighters. I had to find a way to channel my anger. But soon after, I became a bit calmer. As I was training and fighting, I realized I’m not a fighter and I don’t want to be a fighter - I just need to work on me. Because this game is “me vs me” only. So I started going to the gym, and the rest is history… I ended up being in fitness for over 20 years, now adding nutrition and mindset to it, and using all my experiences to help me understand others better. I had a fitness studio for about 8 years. I learned so much about why people self-sabotage and why they keep themselves “down”. At that time, I also competed in bodybuilding a few times and learned how unhealthy that sport is. I ended up with a binging disorder and had to pull myself out of it. I had to really dive into psychology and understand the brain and the body in order to get myself out of it. I am so thankful for all my experiences, though, because they help me understand my clients today.

Q: What are your proudest moments?

L: Moving to the US at the age of 17, and managing to support myself for years to come.

Q: Who are the important people in your life?

L; My family.

Q: What is one life lesson you would like to give to the world?

L: Suppressing the past and emotions is actually controlling your life more than you’d like to admit. I know because that was me. So, focus on you. Focus on healing and loving you; on being kind to you. Everything starts from how you feel. As you start healing and feeling better about yourself, your whole life will change. I promise.

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