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Choiwee Moon

Holistic wellness practitioner

My name is Choiwee Moon. I have Māori and French heritage and I am Mamma to three beautiful children. I am based in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.
I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner who specializes in emotional release and personal transformation through energy work. I also work in collaboration with other women to host retreat spaces and events focused on empowerment, body acceptance and connection to self and others.
I facilitate an online group with a few hundred women where EVERYTHNG is welcomed and celebrated and nothing is taboo. I believe the more we normalize conversations around our bodies, sex, intimacy, mental health etc. the happier we can all be as a society.
I embrace all aspects of the divine feminine in my own personal journey and the healing spaces I hold with clients- welcoming in transformational tools such as rage release, pleasure and embodiment practices.

Through my own journey of overcoming pre and post-natal depression and healing the wounds of traumatic childhood experiences I know the transformation that is possible and am beyond passionate about supporting others on their own journey back to pure love.

You can connect with me through my website or on Instagram.

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