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Melia Paramita

Bullying victim & Model

Hiya I’m Melia Paramita. I believe that loving self is such an important, yet difficult thing to do.


I grew up being (bullied and) told that I am ugly or flat faced because I have an underbite and a small nose, to the extent where I feel anxious every time people see my side profile. I used to think that people will always look and laugh at me like I am some gremlin or something. But earlier this year I decided to break past that and take steps to become a model–something I have been wanting to try even though I let my self esteem stop me in the past.

I am so happy the platforms like The Liberated Soul magazine exist where we can be free and express ourselves without fear.


It's nothing much, but this is my story.

Connect with me on my Instagram:  @mayleeaaah

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