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Model, Actor & Writer

In her own words, Nicole says that she is the kid who never grew up and is always kept alive through story telling. She remembers her younger days of being fearless, spontaneous and free willed which reflects in her writings.

 At the age of 17, she shaved her head to support a charity and realized that with all the congratulations messages that come with this 'brave act', it is followed by months of teasing, weird looks and name calling. Before this incident, she had never thought that 'looking like a girl' was so important for girls to be able to fit in. 

When she started working in the entertainment industry, things changed drastically. Nicole quickly turned from not caring at all to caring too much. She was always made conscious of her weight, shape, hair and even the colour of her teeth. There was a constant pressure to be 'pretty'.

The older Nicole always turned to the 17 year old Nicole for inspiration and managed the comparisons and the pressure by being fearless and not caring much.

She feels that her confidence is rooted in being carefree and she is lucky that she took the time to grow up and be comfortable with her body, her feminine self and her identity. She is proud of being who she is and doesn't want to change a thing.

Nicole's message to young women is to be carefree and not fall into the rat trap of comparisons and unrealistic standards.

Connect with Nicole on her Instagram here.

Photographers: Benny and Martyn Lim

Makeup: Alteria Makeup

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