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All about periods and period horror stories

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

What are periods (menstruation)?

Menstruation is brought on by changes in the body's hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that help us communicate with one another. The feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone are released by the ovaries.

The uterine (or womb) lining thickens as a result of these hormones. The lining has grown up to the point where a fertilized egg may adhere and begin to develop. The lining breaks down and leaks if there is no fertilized egg. Then the entire process repeats itself.

It takes approximately a month for the lining to build up before breaking down. That is why the majority of girls and women get their periods once a month.

Period horror stories

It's awful when you're having your period, but it teaches us a lot about menstrual management, which we can pass on to our friends. Let's take a look at some of their classic horror stories from the time period as we believe that talking about stories help normalizing the topic:

1. Strict rules

So, when I was in ninth grade, I went to school and saw that my period had begun during class. The professors were adamant about not allowing us to use the restroom during class. I was giving an oral presentation and sneezed in front of the entire class, causing blood to stream down my leg.

The instructor apologized sincerely later for not allowing me to use the restroom, which was great, but I shouldn't have had to go through that embarrassment in the first place.

2. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

My hubby and I took our twins to a hotel in Vegas to go swimming. My period was very heavy on that particular day, and there was a wedding taking place in the pool area. Under my chair, there was a puddle of blood.

People were staring at me strangely, and something clicked in my head, and I turned bright crimson. I had to go through the ceremony gushing blood after wrapping a white towel around my waist. As I walked past in humiliation, they cleared a passage like the Red Sea and gazed down at the Red Sea I was generating.

3. It's important to have breakfast, kids!

I was getting my periods in the subway whilst on my way to an early morning class. My blood pressure plummeted due to not eating breakfast, and the cramps were so severe that I had to exit the subway. I waited 20 minutes at the station for a buddy to come with medication. My ailment was so terrible that I couldn't even return home and spent the entire day at my college's medical center.

4. Oopsie daisies!

I was in sixth grade when I realized that my chair was orange when I got up from my seat. My buddies and I assumed it was merely some paint splatter. Then we moved to a new classroom, and I sat in a different chair, which was orange when I stood up. We all burst out laughing at the strange coincidence.

When I turned back to inquire whether there was anything on my jeans, the entire class turned around and began pointing and laughing. My first period had totally stained the back of my trousers crimson.

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Preiksha Jain
Preiksha Jain
29 Sep 2021

Superb Article! My heart goes out to all those who had to undergo the mass embarrassment.

Although I have never encountered anything of this sort, but I can totally imagine how all of these individuals might have felt in that particular moment.

Would you like to take a look at my article on Top Energy Boosters to Help with Menopause Fatigue? Let me know what you think of it!

Again, these people are the bravest!

01 Okt 2021
Membalas kepada

Brilliant article @preiksha Jain

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