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Being Kayla

When you meet Kayla Eby, 33 from Ontario, Canada, you won’t be able to help but fall in love with her persona. The ever-smiling and welcoming Kayla lives by only one rule: accept everything and everyone in their most natural form.

Being around Kayla is freeing, enriching and if you believe the people who know her, it's healing.

Kayla knew she was special since her childhood. The native flowing bloodline, psychic abilities, and feeling the pain others felt made her different from other kids her age.

Quite a superpower you might think but being different can be a traumatic experience as a child.

Kayla has since taken it on her to promote self-love, self-worth, and mental health through her work.

TLS had an opportunity to talk to Kayla recently and share her experiences so let’s see how it is like being Kayla:

TLS: First, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with our readers. How do you make time for so many things in life?

Kayla: Helping people is my passion. Empathy comes naturally to me and it's something I am focusing all my energy on. I quit my corporate job to be able to help people who have had traumatic experiences, people who suffer from loss of self-worth and depression.

TLS: How was growing up like for you?

Kayla: I was always a sensitive child who could feel the pain others felt. I loved everyone because I understood them. Back in the day, being different was not OK though. I was bullied and harassed continuously because of my choices, the people I befriended, and even the way I dressed.

TLS: And did things get better as you grew up?

Kayla: As I grew up, I learned that being different was not OK and I tried to fit in one of many society’s boxes. Trying to be what they wanted me to be, dressing the way it pleased others, and making choices based on what others would want. Because I was focusing my energy on pleasing others more than on developing myself, I always ended up being taken advantage of.

TLS: Did that make you feel better?

Kayla: Not one bit. Having said that, it was one of the most important chapters in my life because I learned that the more I try to fit into a box, the more I hurt myself. No matter what I did, I could never please everyone and in the process, I was hurting myself. Even people close to me could not relate to what I was going through and expected me to fit into a box. ‘Crazy’ was a word that was often thrown at me.

TLS: What was the turning point for you?

Kayla: Growing up in an unwelcoming environment, you could say I had grown used to the usual bullying and negativity that came with it. I didn’t realize, how toxic it was until I fell ill and had to seek medical help to deal with my trauma. All that boxed-up trauma had taken a toll on my health and letting it go was not easy.

TLS: What is your life’s goal now? How have your experiences changed you?

Kayla: The most important change in my life started when I started being true to myself. Being true to myself meant accepting my true self and accepting it as the best version of me. I started realizing how important I was for myself and started to value my own feelings. I spent more energy on being myself than trying to fit into a mold. When I started seeing my own value, I was immediately happier.

My goal in life is to help people like me who have undergone trauma even without realizing it. I am dedicating my life to promote self-worth, self-love, and mental health. I want to connect with people and help them feel comfortable in their own skin, create a life they want, and being the best, they can be. Even if I could make a difference in one life, I would feel that I have been successful.

I want to use my spiritual teachings to help people create a balance between their mind, body, soul, and spirit.

TLS: What message would you like to share with the readers of TLS?

Kayla: Be true to yourself and do only what makes YOU happy. If you do not value, yourself, no one will. Learn to say NO and learn to nurture your body, spirit, and soul.

Kayla can be found on Instagram by the handle of and she is happy to connect and help everyone. So don’t be a stranger and drop her a ‘Hello!’ to start your self-love journey.

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Preiksha Jain
Preiksha Jain
Sep 07, 2021

This is so empowering, and ever so inspiring!

Kayla Eby, from Ontario, if you are reading this comment, please know that I loved to read all that you had to share with the TLS team!

I already have fallen in love with your inspiring persona! Your personality has undergone many tough challenges and it has come out as bright as a diamond!

Keep spreading LOVE!

Sep 08, 2021
Replying to

This is such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

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