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Breakups aren’t so bad, here’s how you can cope with them

It is tempting, but don’t check up on your ex

The tremendous sense of loss that comes with a breakup is sure to hit you hard in the aftermath. Even if you were the one who decided to terminate the relationship, you may not have realized how lonely it would be to be without that person.

As the practice is so difficult to quit, this might imply that individuals contact the other person and chat with them. Since it seems comfortable, ex-partners may find themselves resuming previous discussions and even meeting up. However, this will not benefit you in the long run, especially if things become violent again.

Change your routine and surroundings

This does not imply that you should pack your belongings and relocate across the nation. And, contrary to common opinion, a shaved head won't make your grief go away. Instead, make minor but significant adjustments to your routine and surroundings to gain a new viewpoint.

Begin small.

Don't go to areas where you used to hang out together, such as restaurants, parks, or watering spots. If you used to go for regular walks or jogs in the park together, try going to a new park or taking a different route.

Don’t go back into the dating game

It doesn't only take time to heal the connection you leave behind. You'll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't wait long enough before dating again.

A lot of individuals are back out online the minute they split up with someone And this wouldn't be suggested because you haven't given it enough time to sink in. You haven't given yourself enough time to learn from the experience or mourn the end of your relationship if you get back into dating too quickly.

Keep yourself occupied

Is there a particular art class you've always wanted to take? A solitary adventure that's been on your wish list for a long time? While you don't want to go overboard with new activities in a way that feels avoidant, now is the time to add exciting events, workshops, and outings with friends to your calendar.

Staying active after a breakup may be a game-changer as an idle mind can lead to all kinds of unneeded tension.

Take some time to think about the connection and what you've learned from it

If you allow it, every relationship can teach you something. Working on self-love and compassion, as well as reflecting on the time you had with this person, are all part of the healing process after a breakup. What went wrong in certain areas? What did it educate you about what you want in life and what doesn't? How can you improve as a person and a partner in the future? This keeps you from romanticizing a relationship that didn't work out or wasn't healthy in the first place.

Constantly remind yourself as to why you're not with each other, and you'll be put off by the prospect of rekindling it. Additionally, it could help to keep note of all the reasons the relationship did not pan out the way you were expecting it to.

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Preiksha Jain
Preiksha Jain
29 Σεπ 2021

Remarkable points- especially where you mentioned to take some time to reflect upon the connection you had and what you learnt from it. How some relationships may look perfect but may be toxic from within- it's important to reflect upon all of it.

I too have authored something similar on my website- Things to do and not do after a break-up. Why don't you take a look at it and let me know what you think about it!

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01 Οκτ 2021
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Great insights there.

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