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Exploring pansexuality

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Pansexuality is a developing sexual identity that has exploded in popularity in American society over the last decade. Presently, little has been known about the differences among pansexuality and many other sexual orientations/identities; most of what is recognized originates from the mainstream media and remarks made by celebrities who have openly declared as pansexual.

Distinguishing between bisexuality and pansexuality

Bisexuality can be defined in a variety of ways, and no one can agree on a single definition. When someone identifies as bisexual, they usually have feelings for more than one gender.

Some people identify as female or male based on their biological sex. Others, on the other hand, identify as agender or gender-fluid.

Bisexuality may be defined by a person's attraction to both males and females. Others may see it as a desire to be attracted to people of various gender identities. Some may object to the term since it suggests that there are only two genders. Many bisexuals, on the other hand, recognize that there are many genders.

People who identify as pansexual are likely to be attracted to everyone, even those who may not identify as a particular gender. People who identify as pansexual may describe their attraction as centered on personality rather than gender.

Individuals with a pansexual orientation, for example, may be drawn to the personality of an agender person. They could find a female, male, or gender-fluid individual appealing in equal measure. It's crucial to remember that identifying as pansexual does not imply that you're attracted to everyone, just as a heterosexual man isn't attracted to every female and vice versa.

Pansexuality further explained

A dictionary isn't enough to define pansexuality. The way a person expresses and interprets his or her sexuality is entirely individualized. Since there is no clear definition for pansexuality, those who identify as pansexual should be prepared to explain their own unique 'take' on the label to those who are unsure of its implications.

Simply declaring your sexual orientation does not inform people of your intentions. It essentially merely states which gender(s) of persons you'd want to have sexual relations with, but not the nature of those relations. Of course, you are under no need to explain your sexuality, but having open communication with individuals with whom you are emotionally involved is usually beneficial.

Sexuality is not something that can be clearly described. The distinction between the two lies in the nuance that one is attracted to any gender while the other is attracted to any gender. Although it is a minor distinction, better expresses the sentiments and experience associated with this sexual orientation.

How to identify?

Many people will have trouble determining their sexual orientation or gender identity. It might be perplexing for young individuals who are unfamiliar with concepts like the spectrum.

It might take some time to grasp the entire spectrum of concepts and determine what works. It might also include crossing across various sections of the spectrum. Others may have known how they identify from a young age.

It will be beneficial to learn about various gender identities and sexual orientations. The way people think about things has evolved and will continue to change.

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Maas Maas
Maas Maas
23 sept. 2021

I just realized I am Pan sexual

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