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Female Masturbation 101: Life is short, Touch yourself!

The first time I had masturbated made me unbox the magic hiding in my panties. I found my clitoris without ever knowing of its existence in my body, and my first orgasm unleashed in me the curiosity to explore more, learn more, and pleasure myself more.

In bed, on the couch, at the office, or home, we women want to pleasure ourselves, without feeling the pressure and the need to consider it a taboo. Before we read further into the topic, know, and understand that female masturbation is not a forbidden practice, nor is it harmful to you.

And now, let’s dig right into it.

Female Masturbation and Different Strokes for

Pleasuring Yourself

Masturbation is not just reclining in a warm bubble bath with a glass of champagne in hand, nor is it lying in a silky-satin magenta robe in a magnificent bed.

It is a pleasurable activity where women touch their genitals, stroke them, pat them, penetrate them with either fingers or toys. And women masturbate in different positions and at different places. Porn, erotica, sex toys, and sexy imagination are all part of self-sensual gratification.

Take a look at the most common types of masturbation. But remember, these types may vary from a person to person in terms of orgasm.

Clitoral Masturbation:

The super-sensitive pea-sized organ on the vulva with thousands of nerve endings in it, the clitoris is the only organ of your body with the function to make you feel good. And the stroking of the clitoris with the tip of your finger(s), or a vibrator can provide you with an orgasm so electrifying that your entire body feels the sublime shockwave of fulfilment.

Vaginal Masturbation:

Either with your fingers or a sex toy, you penetrate your vagina to pleasure yourself. Vaginal stimulation leaves your vaginal walls throbbing as you feel an internal orgasm. The wetter the vagina, the more sensational your orgasm shall be. With a G-Spot vibrator, you can stimulate your G-spot to bring you a bombast orgasm.

Anal Masturbation:

For a deep, powerful, and mind-boggling orgasm, penetrating your anus, either with your fingers or a sex toy, is a great option. Playing with your anus indirectly stimulates your G-Spot via the wall of tissues shared between the vagina and rectum. Make sure to use as much lube as to ease your anal sphincter as it needs to relax, and also because your anus does not lubricate itself as the vagina does.

Combo Pack:

What is better than an orgasm? That’s right. More than one orgasm. Multiple orgasms by stimulating different orgasm zones in your body via multiple sex toys, or both hands. An orgasm by rubbing your clit with one hand while fingering yourself with the other can be a phenomenal experience, leaving your body trembling in the waves of pleasure. And if possible, you can have a double dildo to fill both your holes while you stimulate your clit can definitely leave you gasping for air.

Erogenous Zones:

For le petite mort and full-body wham bam, touching and stroking parts of your body filled with eroticism does the trick. Stimulate your nipples, inner thighs, neck, earlobes, toes, whatever gets you hot and yearning. Fondling your breasts, pinching your nipples, caressing your butt-cheeks, massaging your shoulders and chest, etc. combined to guarantee an intense orgasm. Don’t be afraid to tease your body, and do not hesitate in exploring what your body likes.

How to Masturbate

Not that you need to know that but a few tips and tricks do not harm; they only bring more pleasure. Masturbation is important. No, because you need to release everything pent up inside you, but also because of its benefits (we’ll get to it later in the post).

And knowing how to do it right for an amazing orgasm is a treasure never to be traded. I’ll go step by step for each type of masturbation for you to try!

Clitoral Orgasm

  • Slide your fingers up and own your inner and outer lips of the vulva while massaging the region on top of your pubic bone.

  • Rub, stroke, tap your clitoris through the hood. Rub your clitoris gently, with less pressure in a circular motion. Stroke it in a slow rhythmic fashion. Make gentle taps on it to build yourself to orgasm.

  • Now once your clitoris hood retracts slightly and the clitoris is wet, you can speed up the stimulation. Intensify the feeling with a little bit more pressure and a faster speed.

  • A Clit Vibrator is undoubtedly a wonderful way to up your masturbation game without having to tire your fingers. Just run the vibrator up and down the region until the electric shockwave radiates through your body.

Clitoral orgasm is all about stimulating your clit. But you can also stimulate indirectly from inside the vagina. How do you do that? Good question.

Simply, penetrate about ⅓ of your vagina with your fingers and stimulate the front wall, combined with the right amount of pressure and gentle stroking. Don’t worry if you don’t reach the climax in the first go. It may take some time and practice.

According to Diana Sadat, sex therapist and clinical counselor in Vancouver, British Columbia, “It takes your clitoris some time to get aroused and for blood to begin to flow. So begin to stroke around your clitoris, touching your labia without directly going for the clit for a bit until you feel ready for that type of stimulation.”

Why she says so because your clitoris is super sensitive, courtesy of the thousands of nerve endings it has, and going directly at it may turn you off rather rapidly than for you to get off.

Positions to try for Clitoral Orgasm:

  1. Classic Rub and Stroke: Fingers, Vibrator, or dildo, use anything to rub and stroke your inner and outer lips of the vulva and the clitoris.

  2. Tap Dance: Gently, slow taps on your clitoris and the hood help the mood to build and bring you closer to orgasm.

  3. Grind the Pillow: No toy or fingers required. Straddle a pillow