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Have you started loving yourself yet?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Self-love is all about embracing all parts of yourself: the perfections and most definitely the imperfections. When you start making peace with how you look, how much you weigh, and how you are as a person, a gateway to happiness and confidence opens up for you.

You are the one person you will ever be with which is why it's important that you enjoy yourself, believe in yourself, and value your positive qualities.

It's beneficial to put in the time and effort required to develop a more loving relationship with oneself. So if embracing yourself still makes you hesitate, try the following practices to fall in love with yourself.

Stop comparing yourself

This one is more easier said than done. Self-comparison will make you venture down a never-ending rabbit hole of negative thoughts. Understand who you are and the attributes you possess and understand that you are just as valuable as other people.

It’s easy to compare your own success or failures with other people, but it is crucial to realize that everyone has their own pace at which they execute tasks, and everyone is different.

Be more in control of your life

Recognize that you always have a choice; you can make terrible decisions based on fear, guilt, or shame, or you can make powerful decisions based on who you are and what feels genuine to you. So stop trying to satisfy others, such as putting up with guys who are unworthy of your time, and doing activities that don’t offer you joy or satisfaction.

When you start loving yourself more, you'll understand how essential your wants and needs are, and you may choose to honor them.

Recognize your strengths

We all have incredible abilities, yet many of them go unappreciated. It's difficult to access these wonderful characteristics while you're busy and preoccupied. Concentrating on your strengths will help you feel better about yourself.

Incorporate self-love into your daily habits

Consider the individuals you admire and admire in your life. What is your strategy for dealing with them? You treat them with respect, are patient with their ideas and views, and forgive them when they make a mistake. You offer them space, time, and opportunities to flourish because you care about them enough to believe in their potential.

Consider how you treat yourself now

Do you regard yourself with the same love and respect as you would give to others? Do you pay attention to your body, thoughts, and needs? You may express your body and mind self-love in your daily life by regularly working out, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, eating healthy, and focusing on self-reflection.

Quit seeking approval

When you stop caring how much people like or approve of you, you will grow to love and respect yourself more. Stop doing things for the sake of appeasing others and you will notice yourself being more honest, less defensive, and more like your own authentic self.

When you have your own approval and acceptance, you begin to care less about what other people think of you and begin to live a life that is consistent with your own beliefs.

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Preiksha Jain
Preiksha Jain
21 sep. 2021

I absolutely LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Just shared it on my LinkedIn! This post carries immense value and I agree with each and every point. 😍


20 sep. 2021

This is amazing

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