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Ladies, were you ever attracted to another woman?

According to a 2011 study done by academics at Boise State University, 60% of heterosexual or straight women acknowledged to being sexually attracted to another woman. The survey polled 484 women, and the results reveal that a greater percentage of women than predicted had sexual fantasies about other women in some form.

45 percent of the women who took part in the survey claimed to kissing another woman. Many women can and will admit to having experimented sexually with other women when they were younger. Kissing is often the extent of the relationship, but it is still meaningful.

I am attracted to another woman; what does this mean?

Do you wish to look at this lady for an extended period? Have you accidentally memorized the arrangement of her Facebook profile photos? Are you obsessed with the perfume she wears? Yes, you could be interested in a female.

However, just because you have feelings for another lady doesn't mean the world is going to fall apart around you! If you're wondering if this crush implies you're homosexual, the fact is that only you can answer that question. There are no rules: You don't have to identify as gay, lesbian, queer, or any other term just because you're having butterfly sensations. You don't have to label yourself at all.

Sexuality is more than a continuum or a gay-straight dichotomy, with bisexuality firmly positioned in the middle. Being a female who likes a girl may take you to a lot of different places. You may discover you're solely interested in girls, but this might also indicate you enjoy kissing girls but want to be in a relationship with men, or it could signify something else completely. The options are absolutely limitless.

Our society has conditioned us to believe that sexuality and gender are binary concepts. And if we deviate from that black-and-white thinking, society becomes perplexed. Society has attempted to keep up by creating labels for various orientations and genders, such as pansexual, asexual, transgender, genderqueer, and so on. Even with such a large selection of labels, some people may find it challenging to choose one.

This feels like you right now. You believed your label was "straight" up until now, and suddenly you're obsessing on a female for no apparent reason. However, many women become aware that they have a crush on a woman at some time in their lives.

A real female crush can be described as being drawn to someone on any level; be it emotional, intellectual, sexual, etc., and that attraction has enough intensity to generate a desire to have a romantic connection with them.

After you've decided what kind of crush you have and whether or not you want to act on it, you should think about how you want to act on it to feel the most comfortable. Do you want to tell them how you're feeling?

Confession is a risk, just like any crush, and it's a decision only you can make.

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