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Is Naomi Black Singapore's answer to Kylie Jenner?

If you are one who keeps up with the entertainment industry, the name Kylie Jenner will definitely ring a bell.

Kylie's journey from modelling to being part of the hit reality show, Keeping with the Kardashians and finally as an entrepreneur has inspired many and her fans outnumber many Hollywood stars.

And why not? Its not everyday that you hear about a woman who excelled in the beauty industry and also made her name as a business owner.

Luckily, for folks in Singapore, the source of inspiration is not far from home.

TLS presents, Naomi, Singapore's answer to Kylie Jenner.

Naomi, born in Singapore into a middle class family started her modelling career at the age of 18 to support her education.

Modelling success at a young age came with a price though. Unguided, with money to spend, Naomi turned to alcohol as a way to relax and soon it became a habit. She was quick to realize though that she was barking up the wrong tree and made amends immediately.

Her brief struggle and victory over alcoholism shaped her character and she felt stronger than ever.

After completing her education, she started a corporate job and juggled between work and modelling.

Always wanting to explore the world, she could not say NO when an opportunity knocked on her door to work as a Chef in France.

Naomi's passion was always in fashion and art though which brought her back to Singapore and made her launch her own label: Naomi Black.

Naomi Black is an expression of Naomi's personality and is known to be fun and easy going which is evident in its designs and products.

The quirky shirt designs and a Naomi themed calendar are not the only thing to look forward to when you buy from Naomi Black though.

Most orders are accompanied with a personal thank you note and sealed with an actual kiss from Naomi. Now this is what we call taking customer service to another level.

With several orders in the pipeline, Naomi is all set to take her brand to the next level. So Kylie, move over coz Naomi is here to take your spot!

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Sep 26, 2021

Looks amazing. A cosmetic line should definitely be on the cards.


Maas Maas
Maas Maas
Sep 23, 2021

This is amazing. What's next Naomi? A cosmetic line?

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