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Nudity is divinity

A monologue by Miss Leiva, Stage and music artist (Uncut)

Yes, is a sacred magic. Because you show your body from inside. It is for brave people to do it respectfully.

Our body is not an object to consume, is a temple where you can pray. That’s why I don’t understand praying dressed involved in so many clothes.

When you are naked nobody can touch you if you don’t allow it. It doesn’t matter where you are, in the beach or In the bed.

My objective when I am nude In public is not to have sex. I don’t want you to send me a private message, I am just enjoying my body by myself.

Because that’s the nature of a woman, dancing all time, the movement of her sacred body whenever.

And that’s all; a generous beauty that I show you like a musa for your Inspiration In your life.

Someday I will find a spiritual and wild man who can pray naked with me from the deepest from our souls. No expectations, just enjoying nature and stage.

Because for me nudity is also art, so far away from porn movies. Sensibility and sensuality at last maybe can take part but not necessary.

Sex is sacred, it is not a matter of a mechanical way from outside or inside. Healthy sex comes from liberty and commitment between people.

And that’s all. A beautiful dance between adult kids enjoying In a sacred place with music and nature. So if you want to change your character and be another animal or figure you can act it out.

You can be whatever you want, even a mermaid body like today I am.

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