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The Ancient Goddess- a monologue

Do you know that your body is the strongest and fastest vehicle to experience your spirit? We should go back to the old days when women were considered Goddesses on Earth. In those days the mystery of creation was a very important belief in different societies from the Egyptians to Hindus, from Roman Empire to the Celts. If human beings and animals were born from women then… the whole universe was born from a female Goddess.

It’s just a logical thought… all the mysteries of life and the creation of the universe were merged in a womb, the womb of a Mother Goddess. Human women were the image of that Goddess and women's wombs were the portal to the mysteries of creation. The whole magic (if we consider magic to manifest an intention or desire) is alive in all women. The evolution and history of the earth changed the whole pattern making us lose our power and connection to the real divine energy. The Great Goddess is a mother, a loving mother nurturing the whole universe and humanity as her children. If she is the giver then her breast has the milk to nurture our body, but she is energy, so then, her milk is the great blessing of life and love, contentment and protection, fulfillment, and prosperity. The one who has reached the arms of the Goddess will live in complete fulfillment and prosperity in a very long and healthy life. If you have her you have everything!

But let’s think and analyze what spirituality is. I think spirituality is different for everyone but a very important aspect is the difference between spirituality and religion. Being religious is to believe without experience, consider that a group of beliefs are your own but not seeing yourself or your behavior. Being religious, in a way, is easy! You don’t have to confront yourself! You don’t have to grow or develop yourself! You just have to follow some disciplines and beliefs and then you are religious.

Being spiritual is much more than that; you transcend all religions because no one is enough to fill your heart. Being spiritual is to experience in your own body how the energy expresses in you: it’s love, its trance, it’s a vision, it’s a dream, it’s to see the future and have some thoughts that could be considered messages from beyond. Being spiritual is to feel and experience all the values and ethics of the religions to develop yourself and be a better human being. Nowadays we are full of people saying that they are spiritual masters but they don’t show any kind of humanity in their behaviors, that’s not spirituality for me, that’s not a spiritual guide or master teacher. Why? because as I experience spiritual forms and beings, the more I experience and practice the old Tantra from India I realize that I am a normal woman with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for living, but I will live my ups and downs and all the spiritual tools are useful to go through darkness the best way possible.

This is a very important lesson of humbleness. If you want to be spiritual you have to feel and experience the spirit, not just in rules and rituals, but in your own body and mind, to transcend the whole drama of life, see suffering in people, become compassionate, and then you will be different. When you can accept that you are a human being even if you manage a big quantum of energy then you will be a humble spiritual teacher, a real one, the one that could transcend the illusions in life and can guide others to the same point.

Coming back to the first point, we should ask ourselves how our body is connected to spirituality. If we say that we should experience spiritual energy in our body and that we were considered Goddesses how can we connect a human body to the Goddess? To answer these questions I shall tell you first that after several years of practicing different types of meditation, my practices as a Priestess of the Goddess, and even yoga I have found myself learning and practicing the Ancient Tantra of India. The most fantastic philosophy and teólogo I could learn ever. The Ancient Tantra was written down in the 3000ac., being as ancient as modern in my opinion, because the whole philosophy is totally useful in these modern days. They consider the Goddess as the Great Mother of All Creation and her energy is a union of sound and geometry, sacred geometry called Sri Yantra that is the whole representation of the creation of the universe in the matter. The Sri Yantra is the energy of the whole universe and the sacred geometry that we could see is hidden in our human body. We use sound as a vehicle to awaken all the Sri Yantra in our bodies. What happens then? It happens that we become the sound of the creation, it means that the Goddess is alive in us, that the whole energy of the universe is living awake in us.

We become Gods and Goddesses alive on earth being awake and having all the things and fulfillment we could ever think of. All the needs and happiness come to you. The opportunities appear before you could think about them. During the process of becoming a God or a Goddess, your body starts changing and showing the intensity we could experience in our bodies. The myth speaks about the masculine energy merging in love with the feminine. The Great Goddess looks for love and sex, she is very erotic because to create a life you need erotism, voluptuosity, sensuality, and attractiveness. Her sensual behavior is so exciting that the Gods cannot stop themselves to make love to her. The myth of creation shows how a real Goddess is plenty of love and sex, she is free and enjoys sex and her body totally and freely because love and sex are the keys to manifesting anything we want to create in life. She is free to love and enjoy her body. Her vagina is the portal to the mysteries and the penis should open that gate, the portal, with total devotion, No one can enter the gate of life without being devoted to the love of the Goddess. Women's body is full of life energy, and prosperity in the breast, we nurture a baby and we nurture our family and projects, our friends and sisters. We are the energy of love, sensuality, and total creation. We should be treated as the ones who sustain the world, without us humans would not exist. We should do everything possible to become Goddesses and teach men how to become Gods devoted to the Goddesses that we are. It’s a very difficult task but not impossible.

When you are practicing Ancient Tantra and sounding the mantras in your body the pleasure intensifies considerably. The mind is gone to a free world of pleasure, fulfillment, and joy. Your body is a mystery that you have to discover. A tantric priestess or yogini is open to feeling and energizing her body with several continuous orgasms that you couldn’t believe. The Kundalini energy awakes from your womb and you feel the heat in your back. The heat finishes in your head and then you have an orgasm and then another creating and processing more and more energy, then you feel like your whole body is electricity, and the pleasure has intensified to the point that you don’t feel your vagina as a little part of your body but your whole body. The energy is so intense that your mind will start having visions and your heart will be completely open due to kundalini waking making you experience unconditional love.

The visions start and you are now flying in pleasure in the universe experiencing being the Goddess, maybe you are having visions of your future, or are cutting the karma of a special situation in your life, or just being a special Goddess. Your partner could be a man or a woman for Tantra it’s the same because we are all masculine and feminine energy that we must awake to live a full magical life.

When you are making love in this level of high-vibration energy when you are having orgasms the whole body is connected to the divine energy on earth and the universe. That energy will live in you after the sexual intercourse and will make true all your dreams. Your intuition will be developed, your job will be the mission of your soul in this life and everything will be successful.

The whole spiritual life must remember the magic energy and the intensity that we keep asleep in our body, We have the mission to awaken the whole power in our body and then men and women making love will create a whole world of peace and fulfillment.

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