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The Babe Warehouse

The recent growth of Social media has been phenomenal and the sole purpose of being present on a digital platform is no longer 'to keep in touch with family and friends'.

Today, social media media forms an important and often the largest part of any marketing campaign.

Vanity has also become a big part of our social media personas with the number of likes and comments feeding our egos.

This gives rise to a big issue of 'body negativity' and 'negative body confidence'.

While people compete for attention on social media platforms, conventional and sometimes unrealistic beauty standards are often looked upon favorably. There are many magazines and social media pages that feature men and women who are supposedly 'flawless'. This can be attributed to photoshop in most cases.

During a research by the TLS team though, one social media page stood out: The Babe warehouse by the BWCrew.

The page owner describes the babe warehouse as an avenue for all women to be free and get appreciated for who they are, regardless of age, size or color.

The Babe Warehouse features women from all walks of life without representing the freeing pictures in a degrading way.

Some of the most frequently featured women who also believe in the vision of the babe warehouse are





If you are considering posting pictures of yourself online but unsure of the reactions, start a conversation with TLS team or get in touch with the babe warehouse crew.

We love you already for being you and sure that our supportive community will too.

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