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The sustainable and body positive swimwear brand, UBU

You'll want a swimsuit that fits well, moves with you, and stays there whether you're surfing, or swimming laps in the pool. The proper active swimwear is determined by a variety of factors, including how active you intend to be, how much support you require, and how much skin you want to expose.

Fortunately, the wide variety of swimwear styles and designs offered at UBU swimwear makes it incredibly easy to pick a suit that is both stunning and functional.

The brand has fantastic one-pieces and tops and bottoms in its swimwear range, catering to women of all sizes. You can don a yellow halter neck top if you're feeling bold or a crop-style top if you want to channel some muted elegance; the range of swimwear at UBU has totally got you covered!

The owner of this phenomenal brand started with a simple aim: making swimwear that offers support and coverage and this aspect has been epitomized in every single piece of swimwear that this brand produces as UBU maximizes comfort without compromising style.


For UBU, sustainability means manufacturing in a way that is environmentally and socioeconomically responsible and designing for more sustainable use while supporting sustainable consumption. Its goal is to make high-quality items with minimum environmental impact and UBU strives relentlessly to ensure the implementation of these goals.

All UBU team members are paid substantially above the legal minimum wage and work appropriate hours in a safe and practical atmosphere.

The best part? UBU is a slow-fashion brand.

This entails that production is done in small batches, and styles are made just as needed; - designs are ageless and do not reflect the latest trends or seasons. For further versatility and value, the brand chooses to design bikinis separates and incorporate reversible variations.

Although slower and controlled manufacturing means longer wait times for new stock and designs, it also helps to reduce waste and overstocking which ultimately helps the environment.

A brand that gives back

UBU is a brand that undertakes social responsibility and gives back to society. Its ambition is to have a beneficial impact not only on the ladies who wear UBU Swimwear but also on the manufacturers, the environment, and the community. It has partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree with every purchase made by a customer.

Another ongoing campaign of UBU is collecting old towels, blankets, bedding, and clothing donated to the SPCA Singapore and other animal charities and clinics regularly for usage with the animals.

Towels and blankets are used at animal shelters for a variety of purposes, including lining pet cages, cleaning, washing, and drying animals, providing more comfortable bedding, and covering cages.

Bottom Line

UBU helps encourage and model body acceptance, acceptance without judgment, and positivity.

The brand's essence is to accept, appreciate, and love ourselves for who we are and where we are today which is why it recognizes the importance of instilling confidence in women by starting from a place of love and acceptance.

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Michelle Benders
Michelle Benders
16 de dez. de 2022

wish they had plus size sizes

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