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Content creator and ex escort

I’m Ro from Costa Rica. 30, mom of 2, married. When I was young I didn’t do good at college and quit. Never had good job opportunities and found escort work a way to help my family and myself from the poor conditions we lived in. I met the biological father of my kids, survived almost 6 years of toxic and abusive relationship. It took a lot of courage but I moved out alone. Felt abandoned, my body was not the same, I didn’t feel the same and I was so disrespected. It took me so long to build myself up again until I met my current husband who treats me like I am the most beautiful girl in the world and I feel that way now, I am a content creator now and we live a Hot wife lifestyle. With him I had my very FIRST orgasm believe it or not.

There are many ways to connect with me and know me more.

You can find all the links here.

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