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Student of Wicca and pagan traditions

Merry meet, I'm Stephanie, I'm hypersexual, curvy, funny, smart, and such a weirdo. I am studying Wicca, and other Pagan traditions. I love learning about history and new make up looks. I love using grammar, that's just me. I'm obsessed with the strange and unusual, and I also love to look glammed up, I'm pretty awesome at make up, but only on myself, until I learn how to do it on another human. 🤣🙌

My strengths are my amazing writing skills and the fact that I can see beauty just in about everything I see, and I'm one hell of a super mom!

I'm thankful for everyone I meet in my life, good or bad, because they were a lesson, and now, I am a firm believer in that!

My achievements, are to raise my son, and live so happy that nothing will ever bring me down again, and for everyone I know to just believe that they can go on, despite everything.

My struggles:
I use to struggle hardcore with my body, but deep down I had so much confidence wanting to break free. My body has grown a human inside it.
It has been abused by the very person who was supposed to love it and take care of it, that person was me. Changes are coming for myself, not because I have to, but because I, ME, want too💋🖤

I believe anyone can do anything in this world and I am on my journey to achieve everything I want.

If you want to join me on my journey, connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.

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