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S. Chaiboonma


Fighting against Tattoo stigma in the hospitality Industry

Born in Thailand, S. Chaiboonma AKA The Queen, grew up with a passion for cooking and tattoos. Her 'western ways' and rebellious attitude left her to fend for herself at a very young age. She was bullied, harassed and treated as an outcast due to her tattoos and her attitude. She was told, she would not be able to find a respectable job and will end up a failure. Armed with a never give up attitude and amazing cooking skills, she not only landed a job as a Chef in a 5 star resorts, super yachts and fine dining restaurants around the globe but also pursued her passion for ink and slowly got more and more tattoos. Today she is a respectable member of the hospitality community and an equal rights advocate. You can follow 'Queen' on her instagram here.

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