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Survivor of Diet abuse

Zila started modelling at a young age of 13 and early entry into the professional modelling world exposed her to the good, the bad and the ugly side of the fashion industry. Zila realized that in order to compete with the other young models, she needed to lose weight even though her body mass index was just right and healthy. Not knowing what to do, at the age of 15, Zila managed to procure some weight loss tablets through a friend and started consuming three times the recommended dose. The weight loss was quick but it also drained all her energy. When Zila fell unconscious the second time at work, she knew that its the pills. The doctors confirmed her suspicion and warned her about the side effects of these weight loss pills.

After some counselling by friends and family, Zila managed to stop the consumption and regained her healthy weight.

Today, Zila considers herself lucky that she survived this trauma and actively engages young models about body positivity and acceptance.

She is proud of her thick thighs and happily chides, 'meaty is the new sexy'.

If you want to know more about Zila's journey, connect with her directly on her instagram here.

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